There is a Credit Card software program designed to eliminate patient receivables, bad debts, collection calls, and billing statements…while expediting the collection of the patient pay portion of healthcare fees. The Creator of the product headed up the healthcare industry for Visa for 5 years…and built this product to address the specific needs of the healthcare office. Since 1997, we’ve put this software in thousands of provider offices…and dramatically reduced patient receivables and collection calls in every case. 

In most offices, the insured patient walks out without making any payment arrangements for the deductible and/or co-payment. With the EasyPay software, you get the patient’s credit card information at the time of service and store it until the EOB comes back from the payer. Then, instead of printing and mailing a statement, beginning the collection process…you get paid immediately!! When you post the EOB you are reminded you have the patient’s credit card on file…and with one click, you process a transaction for the balance owing. It even automatically posts to the patient ledger when the credit card authorization is approved.

If you’re like most office managers, you’re thinking, "Will patient’s accept this…will they give us their credit card information at the time of service?" The answer is "yes" in about 90% of the cases. We have a script that Visa developed and tested…and it works with patients. Imagine if you didn’t have to bill or make collection calls to 90% of your patients…would that lower the stress in the office and make the doctor/dentist happy?

The software comes with a card swipe that attaches to the back of your PC in less than 30 seconds. Full installation assistance and training is provided on the phone…we call and schedule an appointment with you. 24 hour phone support is also available.

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