The 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions About
The Easy Pay Pro Software

1.  What is the difference between my current card terminal and the easy pay pro software?

Easy Pay Pro does all the things your current credit card terminal does PLUS:

Automatic processing of recurring or monthly credit card payments

Holds credit card "signatures-on-file" for any future charged

Reports transactions processed

2.  Will the money from the credit card transactions still be deposited in my local bank?

Yes.  That is why we requested the voided check with your application. We will set up the automatic transfer for funds into your account.

3.  We currently process credit cards transactions through our local bank.  They may be upset if we move our credit card processing to you.

Our experience would indicate your local bank would be delighted with the additional deposits the recurring payments capabilities of Easy Pro will bring to the bank.  Remember that the banks are primarily in the business to keep deposits and make loans.

4.  How do I get support for Easy Pay Pro?

Support is provided by EasyPay Solutions, Inc., the creator of the credit card software.

5.  What kind of training materials will I get?

You will get a documentation manual and a 20-minute video prepared by Visa.  Additionally, you will get a training packet on how to handle payment issues with the patient.

6.  How do I swipe cards into the computer?

Along with the software, we provide a swipe device for your computer.  The swipe device comes with a double adapter so you can simultaneously plug our keyboard and swipe device into the computer.  No other equipment is needed.

7.  How will my patients react?

Studies by Visa show patients with credit cards will accept Easy Pay if you use the Visa-approved script:

"We will be happy to file your insurance claim for you and collect on your behalf from the insurance company.  However, we estimate your co-payment/deductible for today's treatment to be $_________.  We'd like to collect a deposit for this amount now.  Or if you prefer, we can take your credit card information, which we'll keep on file (like when you check into a hotel) until the insurance company sends back the claim and we know the exact amount that you will owe.  At that time we'll process an automatic payment to you credit card for the co-payment balance (like when you check out of the hotel)."

8.  Can I use the software for American Express and Discover also?


9.  Can I accept debit cards?

Yes, as long as it has a Visa/MasterCard logo on it.

10.  When does my money appear in my bank account?

In 2 business days

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