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Visa is convenient.

When you need medical attention, nothing should get in your way.  That's why paying with your Visa card is such a good idea.  It's fast, simple, and gives you the convenience of being accepted by over 265,000 healthcare providers in the U.S.

Visa works when you need it.

Visa is the best way to pay all kinds of medical expenses, including insurance deductibles, co-payments, or any other out-of-pocket expenses.  Visa gives you the flexibility of several ways to pay, too-from payment at time of service to payment by phone or mail.  With Visa you can also easily handle recurring charges and pre-authorize billing for balances not paid by insurance.

Pay with Visa and breathe easy.

Visa also gives you the peace of mind, convenience, and flexibility of paying your bills in full when your Visa card statement arrives, or extending payments as needed.  SO next time you visit a healthcare provider, remember the fast, convenient, flexible way to pay: your Visa card.

Streamline Office Operations

Your new payment card software will include the Patient Easy Pay capability developed by Visa.  A patient simply signs a "signature-on-file" receipt produced by the software, while in the office.  The signature authorizes you to charge the patient's co-payments, deductibles, and balances not covered by insurance to his or her card account as soon as the claim is adjusted and you can determine the amount owed.

Many healthcare providers have already reduced receivables, eliminated billing expenses, increased cash flow, controlled bad debts, and said good-bye to collection calls...thanks to the Patient Easy Pay capability in the payment card software.

Easy To Use

The Patient Easy Pay software is simple to use.  This is all you do:

Swipe the patient's payment card in the card swipe attached to your computer (provided with the payment card software), or key it in manually.

Enter the actual amount owed into the software, if it is known.  If the actual amount owed can't be determined, estimate it and enter that amount into the software.

Enter a reference number (optional)

If the actual amount was known, the computer authorizes the payment card transaction and prints a receipt, similar to your existing credit card terminal.  If the amount wasn't known, the computer prints a "signature-on-file" receipt.

Give the receipt to the patient to sign.

Free Training Video, Too

When you order your payment card software, we will send you the Visa training video to help you get the most out of the system.  Front office staff will learn through role-playing exercises how to ask for a payment card when the amount due is not known, and to get a "signature-on-file" completed by the patient.  This assures that you will get maximum benefit from your payment card program.

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